Rainbowdays.eu aims to mainstream LGBTI+ people in medium-sized cities in EU-countries. We do that by organising a Rainbowday during an already existing (non-LGBTI+) event and in cooperation with the organisers of that event. By doing this, we make LGBTI+ people visible in a positive and celebratory way. A Rainbowday celebrates the gained rights and social acceptance and asks for awareness for the goals still to be reached. A Rainbowday is an inclusively organised event involving LGBTI+ as well as straight people. In this way we make the events attractive for a mix of visitors, both straight and LHBTI+ .


about Us

Rainbowdays.eu is initiated by the Dutch Rainbow Wednesday Foundation (officially: Stichting Roze Woensdag). We are an NGO that organises yearly the Roze Woensdag (Rainbow Wednesday), an inclusive LGBTI+ day in Nijmegen. Stichting Roze Woensdag also organises Pride Photo Nijmegen with photography and video projects that show the diversity of LGBTI+ people. 

Nijmegen is a provincial city in the east of the Netherlands with approximately 176,000 inhabitants. In the Netherlands and some parts of Europe it is common for the LGBTI+ community to use the colour pink, as a remembrance of the pink triangle that gay men had to wear in the concentration camps during World War II. Nowadays we also use the rainbow colours, because they are more known internationally. 

Rainbow Wednesday is an inclusive LGBTI+ day that takes place during a large non-LGBTI+ event: the Four Days Marches Parties, the festivities that are celebrated during the International Four Days Marches.




Those marches are the biggest multi-day walking event in the world. 45,000 people from all over the world take part in these walking marches and the Four Days Marches Parties (that last 7 days!) attract 220,000 visitors every day.

We call it an inclusive LGBTI+ day because of the fact that we organise also with and for a straight audience. With Rainbow Wednesday we like to build bridges. And we are successful in doing that: in the past twelve years Rainbow Wednesday grew from 1 participating stage, 2,000 visitors and none of the four day marches walkers wearing pink to 12 participating stages, 100.000 visitors and at least 50% of walkers wear pink or rainbow colours. 

With Rainbowdays.eu we would like to export the concept and success of Rainbow Wednesday to other EU-countries.

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Project plan Rainbowdays

At this moment we are writing the Rainbowdays projectplan and planning the budget. The EU deadline is the 1st of September 2020, but our deadline is the 1th of May 2020. We have finished already the first draft of our projectplan. Right now we are asking partners such as Dutch Culture for feedback. After this feedback we will share the plan with our potential partners.


Sander Ederveen (Projectmanager)


Wouter Christiaens